How to keep fish alive in aquarium ??

Topic: Creating a thriving aquatic refuge: A guide to fish survival in your aquarium


Owning an aquarium can be a rewarding and wonderful experience, but it takes care and dedication to enhance the aquatic life inside Keeping fish alive in an aquarium is more than water a just fill it up and add fish. In this guide we will explore the essential tips for creating a healthy aquatic environment for your feathered friends.

  1. Configuration of the tank:

a. Size matters: Choose the right size tank based on the type and number of fish you intend to keep. Proper habitat is important for the well-being of your cats.

b. Filtration System: Invest in a quality filtration system to keep the water clear and remove toxins. Clean and change filter media regularly to ensure proper operation.

c. Temperature control: Most cats need a certain temperature. Install a reliable aquarium heater to provide a steady, proper temperature for your fish species.

  1. Fresh water:

a. Regular water changes: Perform regular water changes to eliminate excess garbage, malnutrition, and other sources of contamination. Aim for 20-30% water changes every 2-4 weeks.

b. Water testing: Check water parameters such as pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates with test kits. Modify these parameters as necessary to achieve a stable and optimal environment.

c. Dechlorination: Always treat tap water with dechlorination before adding it to the aquarium. Chlorine and chloramines can be harmful to fish.

  1. Proper diet: .

a. Varied diet: Provide a well-balanced and varied diet that suits your fish species. Add high-quality snacks, pellets, or frozen live foods to meet their nutritional needs.

b. Avoid overeating: Overeating can affect the quality of the water

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